Andreas Vinciguerra was the defending champion but lost in the final 6–3, 6–4 against Tim Henman.


A champion seed is indicated in bold text while text in italics indicates the round in which that seed was eliminated.



First Round Second Round Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
1 United Kingdom T Henman626 
  Czech Republic C Doseděl461  1 United Kingdom T Henman77  
Q Israel N Behr77613   Switzerland G Bastl55  
  Switzerland G Bastl65776   1 United Kingdom T Henman66  
  France A Dupuis776    7 Czech Republic B Ulihrach34  
Q Norway H Koll624     France A Dupuis2771
  Italy A Gaudenzi25  7 Czech Republic B Ulihrach6636 
7 Czech Republic B Ulihrach67    1 United Kingdom T Henman677  
3 Australia A Ilie466     Netherlands J Siemerink463  
  Czech Republic T Zíb641  3 Australia A Ilie43  
  Italy D Sanguinetti274   United States C Mamiit66  
  United States C Mamiit656     United States C Mamiit4783
  Netherlands J Siemerink77       Netherlands J Siemerink6666 
  Netherlands R Sluiter64r     Netherlands J Siemerink616
  Germany J Knippschild631 6 Germany R Schüttler462 
6 Germany R Schüttler466   1 United Kingdom Tim Henman66 
5 Sweden J Björkman44    4 Sweden Andreas Vinciguerra34 
  Czech Republic M Tabara66     Czech Republic M Tabara45  
Q Sweden J Settergren45  LL Germany L Burgsmüller67  
LL Germany L Burgsmüller67    LL Germany L Burgsmüller24  
  Germany C Vinck01    4 Sweden A Vinciguerra66  
  United States P Goldstein66     United States P Goldstein463 
  Canada D Nestor44  4 Sweden A Vinciguerra677  
4 Sweden A Vinciguerra66    4 Sweden A Vinciguerra726
8 Czech Republic J Novák43      Russia M Youzhny563 
WC Denmark K Pless66   WC Denmark K Pless44  
  Russia M Youzhny776    Russia M Youzhny66  
Q Germany T Behrend642      Russia M Youzhny47777
WC Sweden J Johansson52      Sweden M Gustafsson66362 
  Sweden M Gustafsson76     Sweden M Gustafsson4677
  Zimbabwe W Black66    Zimbabwe W Black6462 
2 Belarus V Voltchkov42