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2 IN THE CHEST have made quite a name for themselves already. When you go see a show it’s like busting open the swinging doors of some eighteenth century saloon, bellying up to the bar, and listening to stories from the old west. Everything the band does is part of that story. The characters, the clothes, the vibe…all are pieces to the incredible puzzle that this band has put together. From beginning to end their set is a journey through the past, and just like any good western…it is always entertaining. They have a great eye for art and how to tie it in with the music that they write. Fronted by Reverend Black Jack McBride, this trio makes every show well worth the cover to get in. Both audibly and visually…you will not be disappointed. With Dr. Dagmar Jordanson on the bass, and Velvet De Blonko, on the drums 2 IN THE CHEST knows how to put on a show! With their original infectious southern metal sound and their pioneering theatrics, they are sure to entertain. Check out their website for a closer look at 2IN THE CHEST! www.2inthechest.net. Or head over to Facebook and have a listen to some of their music on the band profile or maybe even a video. [+]
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