Patrick Rafter was the two-time defending champion, but lost to Cédric Pioline in the first round after succumbing to shoulder tendinitis. Andre Agassi won the title, defeating Todd Martin 6–4, 6–7(5–7), 6–7(2–7), 6–3, 6–2 in the final. This win gave him the No. 1 ranking, and helped put an end to Pete Sampras' streak of six year-end No. 1 rankings.


  1. United States Pete Sampras (withdrew because of a back injury, replaced by Mikael Tillström)
  2. United States Andre Agassi (Champion)
  3. Russia Yevgeny Kafelnikov (Semifinals)
  4. Australia Patrick Rafter (First Round)
  5. Brazil Gustavo Kuerten (Quarterfinals)
  6. United Kingdom Tim Henman (First Round)
  7. United States Todd Martin (Final)
  8. Spain Carlos Moyà (Second Round)
  9. United Kingdom Greg Rusedski (Fourth Round)
  10. Chile Marcelo Ríos (Fourth Round)
  11. Australia Mark Philippoussis (withdrew because of a left knee injury)
  12. Netherlands Richard Krajicek (Quarterfinals)
  13. Spain Àlex Corretja (First Round)
  14. Germany Tommy Haas (Fourth Round)
  15. Germany Nicolas Kiefer (Third Round)
  16. Ecuador Nicolás Lapentti (Second Round)
  17. Spain Félix Mantilla (First Round)

Qualifying Draw




  Czech Republic Slava Doseděl3744  
7 United States Todd Martin6566  
 7 United States Todd Martin666   
  France Cédric Pioline412   
 France Cédric Pioline478716710 
 5 Brazil Gustavo Kuerten66661468  
  7 United States Todd Martin4777732
 2 United States Andre Agassi6656266
 12 Netherlands Richard Krajicek60646665 
3 Russia Yevgeny Kafelnikov77773177 
3 Russia Yevgeny Kafelnikov6333 
 2 United States Andre Agassi1666  
Q France Nicolas Escudé6334  
 2 United States Andre Agassi7766   

Top Half

Section 1

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
LLSweden M Tillström27464
Russia M Safin65626Russia M Safin27462
Czech Republic J Novák3666Czech Republic J Novák65636
Paraguay R Delgado6410Czech Republic J Novák665
United States J-M Gambill766France F Santoro101r
Austria S Koubek514United States J-M Gambill426794r
France F Santoro566177France F Santoro663674
France S Grosjean744662Czech Republic J Novák4575
Czech Republic S Doseděl6677Czech Republic S Doseděl6757
United States J Courier4465Czech Republic S Doseděl766
Brazil F Meligeni676Brazil F Meligeni513
WCUnited States K Kim351Czech Republic S Doseděl77776
QSweden F Jonsson63777QSweden F Jonsson65653
France A Di Pasquale46625QSweden F Jonsson6567
Spain F Clavet356416Ecuador N Lapentti4745
16Ecuador N Lapentti6746

Section 2

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
9United Kingdom G Rusedski4666
Spain JC Ferrero62349United Kingdom G Rusedski666
Germany D Prinosil666Germany D Prinosil431
Costa Rica JA Marín3239United Kingdom G Rusedski7366
WCUnited States J Blake221United States C Woodruff5634
United States C Woodruff666United States C Woodruff666
Germany R Schüttler434Norway C Ruud233
Norway C Ruud6669United Kingdom G Rusedski766344
WCUnited States B Bryan36347United States T Martin507766
Sweden M Larsson6166Sweden M Larsson6636
Zimbabwe B Black6542Morocco Y El Aynaoui3463
Morocco Y El Aynaoui7766Sweden M Larsson3r
Armenia S Sargsian3137United States T Martin6
WCUnited States R Reneberg666WCUnited States R Reneberg4361
QFrance S Huet437777637United States T Martin6636
7United States T Martin66626577

Section 3

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
4Australia P Rafter66350
France C Pioline44676France C Pioline771636
Netherlands J Siemerink1710632QGermany L Burgsmüller656362
QGermany L Burgsmüller668366France C Pioline777477
Spain A Portas66144QNetherlands P Wessels655661
Australia M Woodforde37766Australia M Woodforde656864
QNetherlands P Wessels463776QNetherlands P Wessels3771077
Argentina M Zabaleta636632France C Pioline676
Morocco H Arazi6771614Germany T Haas453
Morocco K Alami26464Morocco H Arazi36677
Spain F Vicente664712Spain F Vicente63364
Spain G Puentes326610Morocco H Arazi793463
Germany B Karbacher644214Germany T Haas676677
Argentina M Puerta7766Argentina M Puerta326771
Sweden T Enqvist246614Germany T Haas662636
14Germany T Haas6678

Section 4

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
17Spain F Mantilla6124
Sweden M Norman1666Sweden M Norman666
Italy G Pozzi57766Italy G Pozzi434
Canada D Nestor76412Sweden M Norman4666
Austria M Hipfl666Australia R Fromberg6313
Australia A Ilie412Austria M Hipfl7344
South Africa W Ferreira6466365Australia R Fromberg5666
Australia R Fromberg7744677Sweden M Norman64r
QItaly C Caratti362665Brazil G Kuerten77
Spain J Díaz63622QItaly C Caratti16264
Croatia G Ivanišević77746Croatia G Ivanišević64626
QFinland V Liukko56562Croatia G Ivanišević424
Germany H Dreekmann4145Brazil G Kuerten666
Netherlands P Haarhuis666Netherlands P Haarhuis36462
Czech Republic B Ulihrach4435Brazil G Kuerten67736
5Brazil G Kuerten666

Bottom Half

Section 5

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
6United Kingdom T Henman6143
Argentina G Cañas7766Argentina G Cañas563763
Germany J Knippschild37753United States V Spadea777536
United States V Spadea66376United States V Spadea6464677
QFrance J Boutter51rLLItaly L Tieleman2677263
Spain G Blanco75Spain G Blanco433
LLItaly L Tieleman676LLItaly L Tieleman666
WCUnited States T Dent452United States V Spadea2632
Netherlands J van Lottum677471312Netherlands R Krajicek6776
QJapan T Suzuki2646611Netherlands J van Lottum478677
LLCroatia I Ljubičić666LLCroatia I Ljubičić666365
WCUnited States J Morrison124Netherlands J van Lottum414
QSwitzerland L Manta66612Netherlands R Krajicek666
Netherlands S Schalken343QSwitzerland L Manta241
WCUnited States P King14012Netherlands R Krajicek666
12Netherlands R Krajicek666

Section 6

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
13Spain À Corretja346666
Australia W Arthurs661478Australia W Arthurs24774
Switzerland M Rosset220Australia L Hewitt66656
Australia L Hewitt666Australia L Hewitt63643
Argentina M Rodríguez323Ukraine A Medvedev36366
Ukraine A Medvedev666Ukraine A Medvedev666
Canada S Lareau36466Canada S Lareau410
Argentina G Gaudio64614Ukraine A Medvedev6510
United States J Tarango44623Russia Y Kafelnikov7766
Sweden J Björkman6616Sweden J Björkman5666
Denmark K Carlsen6776Denmark K Carlsen7233
Argentina H Gumy4644Sweden J Björkman144
LLBelarus M Mirnyi32787763Russia Y Kafelnikov666
Czech Republic T Zíb6666643LLBelarus M Mirnyi51773
Spain A Martín16343Russia Y Kafelnikov76656
3Russia Y Kafelnikov6366

Section 7

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
8Spain C Moyà7766
Slovakia D Hrbatý64348Spain C Moyà141r
Sweden M Gustafsson666624QFrance N Escudé660
QFrance N Escudé447866QFrance N Escudé666
QSwitzerland I Heuberger43663QBelgium X Malisse321
Philippines C Mamiit66336Philippines C Mamiit6377662
France G Raoux66322QBelgium X Malisse3664786
QBelgium X Malisse37766QFrance N Escudé667
United States P Goldstein66610Chile M Ríos235
Australia S Draper310United States P Goldstein7443
WCUnited States M Washington16635Slovakia J Krošlák5666
Slovakia J Krošlák62777Slovakia J Krošlák344
QSwitzerland G Bastl7746610Chile M Ríos666
Argentina F Squillari64644QSwitzerland G Bastl6323
Czech Republic M Damm46567110Chile M Ríos4666
10Chile M Ríos677356

Section 8

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
15Germany N Kiefer66146
Australia J Stoltenberg4366315Germany N Kiefer666
QGermany M Kohlmann26636QGermany M Kohlmann322
Romania A Pavel6436215Germany N Kiefer6442
Uruguay M Filippini63632France A Clément4666
United States M Chang36266United States M Chang334
France A Clément666France A Clément666
Zimbabwe W Black234France A Clément443
Spain A Costa5352United States A Agassi666
Czech Republic D Vacek767Czech Republic D Vacek26643
United States J Gimelstob666United States J Gimelstob63266
Italy A Gaudenzi132United States J Gimelstob1634
QGermany A Pretzsch7662United States A Agassi6466
QFrance C Saulnier523QGermany A Pretzsch321
Sweden N Kulti0132United States A Agassi666
2United States A Agassi666