Greg Rusedski was the defending champion but lost in the second round to Albert Costa.
Andre Agassi won the title, defeating Marat Safin 7–6(7–1), 6–2, 4–6, 6–4 in the final.


A champion seed is indicated in bold text while text in italics indicates the round in which that seed was eliminated. All sixteen seeds received a bye into the second round.




1 Andre Agassi366
11 Nicolás Lapentti632
1 Andre Agassi77646 
  Marat Safin61264 
  Marat Safin65776
Q Michael Chang77653

Top Half

Section 1

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundQuarterfinals
1 A Agassi66 
  Y El Aynaoui66   Y El Aynaoui43 
  V Spadea24 1 A Agassi636
WC A Clément64662Q S Schalken462
Q S Schalken77477Q S Schalken66 
16 K Kučera34 
1 A Agassi66 
  M Philippoussis41 
10 T Henman4796
  W Ferreira622LL J C Ferrero6674
LL J C Ferrero46610 T Henman163
  M Philippoussis677   M Philippoussis636
WC N Escudé464   M Philippoussis76 
8 R Krajicek53 

Section 2

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundQuarterfinals
3 P Sampras4677
  F Clavet66   F Clavet6364
  J Novák41 3 P Sampras   
Q S Koubek76 13 T Haasw/o  
  D Hrbatý54 Q S Koubek32 
13 T Haas66 
13 T Haas463
11 N Lapentti636
11 N Lapentti677 
Q R Schüttler23   F Santoro365 
  F Santoro66 11 N Lapentti67 
  M Norman632  Á Costa25 
  Á Costa466  Á Costa79  
6 G Rusedski67r 

Bottom Half

Section 3

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundQuarterfinals
5 G Kuerten64664
  M Safin6576  M Safin77377
  M Zabaleta7753  M Safin66 
Q G Bastl672   M Rosset44 
  M Rosset796   M Rosset76 
12 Á Corretja53 
  M Safin66 
  J Courier24 
14 C Moyà21 
WC A di Pasquale65666  J Courier66 
  J Courier77378  J Courier63777
  T Enqvist3677  T Enqvist77645
  S Grosjean6465  T Enqvist47778
4 T Martin66566

Section 4

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundQuarterfinals
LL S Sargsian367 
Q J van Lottum66 Q J van Lottum679 
  F Mantilla32 Q J van Lottum12 
Q M Chang6776Q M Chang66 
  T Johansson7954Q M Chang76 
9 M Ríos52 
Q M Chang5786
15 C Pioline7664
15 C Pioline66 
  A Medvedev66   A Medvedev14 
WC G Raoux34 15 C Pioline77378
  F Meligeni32   L Hewitt64666
  L Hewitt66   L Hewitt626
2 Y Kafelnikov464