Pete Sampras was the defending champion, but lost to Karol Kučera in the quarterfinals.

Petr Korda ended up winning the tournament, defeating Marcelo Ríos in the final to claim what would be his only Grand Slam title, and Ríos' only Grand Slam final.


  1. United States Pete Sampras (Quarterfinals)
  2. Australia Patrick Rafter (Third Round)
  3. United States Michael Chang (Second Round)
  4. Sweden Jonas Björkman (Quarterfinals)
  5. United Kingdom Greg Rusedski (Third Round)
  6. Czech Republic Petr Korda (Champion)
  7. Spain Carlos Moyà (Second Round)
  8. Austria Thomas Muster (First Round)
  9. Chile Marcelo Ríos (Final)
  10. Spain Sergi Bruguera (First Round)
  11. Spain Àlex Corretja (Third Round)
  12. Brazil Gustavo Kuerten (Second Round)
  13. Croatia Goran Ivanišević (First Round)
  14. Spain Félix Mantilla (First Round)
  15. Australia Mark Philippoussis (Second Round)
  16. Spain Albert Costa (Second Round)




 1 United States Pete Sampras42773  
 Slovakia Karol Kučera66656  
  Slovakia Karol Kučera1462  
 6 Czech Republic Petr Korda6616  
4 Sweden Jonas Björkman67342
 6 Czech Republic Petr Korda35666 
  6 Czech Republic Petr Korda666  
 9 Chile Marcelo Ríos222  
  France Nicolas Escudé43666 
 Germany Nicolas Kiefer66412 
 France Nicolas Escudé132  
 9 Chile Marcelo Ríos666   
9 Chile Marcelo Ríos66666 
  Spain Alberto Berasategui78440  

Top Half

Section 1

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
1United States P Sampras766
Netherlands S Schalken5421United States P Sampras666
Spain A Martín06683Italy D Sanguinetti212
Italy D Sanguinetti6371061United States P Sampras766
Sweden M Gustafsson666Sweden M Gustafsson534
QNetherlands D van Scheppingen430Sweden M Gustafsson4666
Czech Republic S Doseděl63677Czech Republic S Doseděl6213
France A Boetsch463621United States P Sampras71166
Spain F Clavet2666Morocco H Arazi6944
QGermany L Burgsmüller6234Spain F Clavet
Czech Republic R Vašek2465United States M Washingtonw/o
United States M Washington6647Spain F Clavet64621
Germany H Dreekmann6232Morocco H Arazi46366
Morocco H Arazi7766Morocco H Arazi16469
Spain Á Calatrava6046415Australia M Philippoussis62617
15Australia M Philippoussis77677

Section 2

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
10Spain S Bruguera651r
Slovakia K Kučera376Slovakia K Kučera7765266
Czech Republic D Vacek66126Czech Republic D Vacek6477601
WCAustralia L Hewitt24663Slovakia K Kučera6776
Austria G Schaller3066Canada D Nestor2631
Canada D Nestor6678Canada D Nestor5766
Czech Republic M Damm6773Czech Republic M Damm7521
Australia M Woodforde4630rSlovakia K Kučera6367
Sweden M Tillström666Australia R Fromberg2625
WCIndia L Paes322Sweden M Tillström773364
QCanada S Lareau66578647QCanada S Lareau616646
Sweden M Norman47766775QCanada S Lareau0263
Australia R Fromberg26636Australia R Fromberg6646
WCAustralia T Larkham63463Australia R Fromberg46776
WCAustralia P Tramacchi4378637Spain C Moyà64624
7Spain C Moyà666677

Section 3

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
4Sweden J Björkman2666
WCAustralia A Belobrajdic61114Sweden J Björkman634666
South Africa W Ferreira6366South Africa W Ferreira776423
Slovakia J Krošlák46234Sweden J Björkman766
Ecuador N Lapentti566636France F Santoro534
Spain JA Viloca734771Ecuador N Lapentti46624
Spain E Benfele Álvarez60374France F Santoro63366
France F Santoro466564Sweden J Björkman666
United States J Gimelstob63634Zimbabwe B Black214
QUnited States S Campbell36366QUnited States S Campbell666
QUnited States J-M Gambill6513United States A O'Brien434
United States A O'Brien3766QUnited States S Campbell402
France A Clément46724Zimbabwe B Black666
Italy G Pozzi64566Italy G Pozzi20r
Zimbabwe B Black6646Zimbabwe B Black65
14Spain F Mantilla4064

Section 4

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
11Spain À Corretja6726
Argentina L Arnold Ker456311Spain À Corretja666
Germany D Prinosil362666Germany D Prinosil430
Belgium J Van Herck67714111Spain À Corretja214
Brazil F Meligeni465rFrance C Pioline666
France C Pioline616France C Pioline6736
Armenia S Sargsian34667Spain J Burillo3563
Spain J Burillo66139France C Pioline4463
QUnited States B MacPhie464646Czech Republic P Korda6636
Switzerland M Rosset60636Switzerland M Rosset3643
United States V Spadea6466636United States V Spadea6466
WCAustralia J Stasiak7714773United States V Spadea2682
Australia S Draper6776Czech Republic P Korda67106
Slovakia D Hrbatý455Australia S Draper6333
Spain A Portas36146Czech Republic P Korda7766
6Czech Republic P Korda6466

Bottom Half

Section 5

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
5United Kingdom G Rusedski7766
QUnited States D Witt64345United Kingdom G Rusedski661
United States J Stark64United States J Stark440r
Spain C Costa31r5United Kingdom G Rusedski6542
Australia T Woodbridge767Australia T Woodbridge7766
Belgium F Dewulf535Australia T Woodbridge6466
Norway C Ruud646643QBelgium C Van Garsse4634
QBelgium C Van Garsse774166Australia T Woodbridge6432
Sweden T Johansson463786France N Escudé7766
Argentina F Squillari626668Argentina F Squillari04663
South Africa M Ondruska311United States R Reneberg66146
United States R Reneberg666United States R Reneberg677254
France N Escudé547610France N Escudé160676
Sweden M Larsson76518France N Escudé5667
QSpain J Díaz363212Brazil G Kuerten7315
12Brazil G Kuerten6366

Section 6

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
13Croatia G Ivanišević26364
Netherlands J Siemerink67736Netherlands J Siemerink6257761
QFrance J Golmard6636311QFrance J Golmard7776536
United Kingdom T Henman377269QFrance J Golmard50r
Germany M Craca4633Germany N Kiefer74
QUnited States D Wheaton6366QUnited States D Wheaton662632
Germany N Kiefer666Germany N Kiefer216776
QAustralia M Draper440Germany N Kiefer667
WCAustralia M Tebbutt77656France G Raoux345
Uruguay M Filippini55774WCAustralia M Tebbutt2474
Zimbabwe W Black666Zimbabwe W Black6656
New Zealand B Steven422Zimbabwe W Black325
France G Raoux26466France G Raoux667
Australia S Stolle63620France G Raoux67777
Denmark K Carlsen362733United States M Chang46465
3United States M Chang67756

Section 7

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
8Austria T Muster4655
QSweden J Apell6777QSweden J Apell377363
Sweden T Nydahl3653France L Roux665636
France L Roux6776France L Roux7766
Germany A Rădulescu60732Morocco K Alami6224
Morocco K Alami77566Morocco K Alami656776
Italy R Furlan69262Spain J Alonso773644
Spain J Alonso711626France L Roux2624
Australia J Stoltenberg69Chile M Ríos6466
Spain G Blanco2rAustralia J Stoltenberg3266
QAustralia A Ilie666QAustralia A Ilie6678
Germany J Knippschild423QAustralia A Ilie232
Sweden T Enqvist6669Chile M Ríos666
Spain JA Marín343Sweden T Enqvist46464
South Africa G Stafford1339Chile M Ríos67746
9Chile M Ríos666

Section 8

First roundSecond roundThird roundFourth round
16Spain A Costa7766
Germany T Haas652416Spain A Costa4465
QItaly M Martelli66322United States A Agassi6627
United States A Agassi37766United States A Agassi666
Germany O Gross71066Italy A Gaudenzi220
Germany M-K Goellner6842Germany O Gross6144
Italy A Gaudenzi6466Italy A Gaudenzi4666
Romania D Pescariu2622United States A Agassi66233
Spain A Berasategui3666Spain A Berasategui33666
QGermany K Braasch6343Spain A Berasategui6776
WCAustralia L Smith202Ukraine A Medvedev4614
Ukraine A Medvedev666Spain A Berasategui6767
Spain J Sánchez1412Australia P Rafter7626
United States T Martin666United States T Martin6627743
United States J Tarango64647752Australia P Rafter2776466
2Australia P Rafter7777647