Andre Agassi was the defending champion, but lost in the first round this year.

Pete Sampras won the title, defeating Thomas Muster 6–3, 6–4 in the final.


The top eight seeds received a bye to the second round.




1 United States Pete Sampras66  
14 Spain Álbert Costa34  
 1 United States Pete Sampras66 
 5 Austria Thomas Muster34 
5 Austria Thomas Muster6477
2 United States Michael Chang3662 

Top Half

Section 1

First Round Second Round Third Round Quarterfinals
  1 United States P Sampras66  
WC United States J Gimelstob66   WC United States J Gimelstob24  
  Zimbabwe B Black34    1 United States P Sampras776  
  Czech Republic D Vacek652    16 Australia P Rafter644  
Q United States D Wheaton776   Q United States D Wheaton632
  Sweden M Larsson745  16 Australia P Rafter366 
16 Australia P Rafter567   1 United States P Sampras66 
9 Chile M Ríos67    7 Russia Y Kafelnikov22 
  Sweden J Björkman35   9 Chile M Ríos66  
  Sweden T Johansson636    Sweden T Johansson32  
Q Zimbabwe K Ullyett462   9 Chile M Ríos52 
  Armenia S Sargsian24    7 Russia Y Kafelnikov76  
  United States C Woodruff66     United States C Woodruff6366 
  7 Russia Y Kafelnikov7777  

Section 2

First Round Second Round Third Round Quarterfinals
  4 Spain Á Corretja776  
  United Kingdom G Rusedski6363    United States J Stark644  
  United States J Stark1677   4 Spain Á Corretja163  
  South Africa G Stafford464   14 Spain Á Costa677  
  Germany T Haas646    Germany T Haas34 
  United States J Courier6653  14 Spain Á Costa66  
14 Spain Á Costa4776   14 Spain Á Costa465
11 Australia M Philippoussis653    6 Spain S Bruguera632r
  Netherlands S Schalken776     Netherlands S Schalken32  
  Czech Republic J Novák777     Czech Republic J Novák66  
  Germany M-K Goellner565      Czech Republic J Novák653 
  United States R Reneberg6634   6 Spain S Bruguera776  
  Australia S Draper1776    Australia S Draper662 
  6 Spain S Bruguera786  

Bottom Half

Section 3

First Round Second Round Third Round Quarterfinals
  5 Austria T Muster656 
  France F Santoro66     France F Santoro374 
WC United States P McEnroe04    5 Austria T Muster637 
  Czech Republic M Damm677    12 Netherlands R Krajicek365 
  France G Raoux362     Czech Republic M Damm677 
  France C Pioline34   12 Netherlands R Krajicek463  
12 Netherlands R Krajicek66    5 Austria T Muster617777
13 Czech Republic P Korda776      Netherlands J Siemerink776365
  Sweden M Tillström641   13 Czech Republic P Korda561 
  Netherlands J Siemerink7777     Netherlands J Siemerink716 
Q New Zealand B Steven6561      Netherlands J Siemerink66 
  United States A O'Brien21    3 Croatia G Ivanišević44  
Q Canada D Nestor66   Q Canada D Nestor6566
  3 Croatia G Ivanišević4778 

Section 4

First Round Second Round Third Round Quarterfinals
  8 Sweden T Enqvist7733 
Q United States V Spadea66   Q United States V Spadea6166 
Q France J Golmard21    Q United States V Spadea7734 
  Australia J Stoltenberg6633   10 Brazil G Kuerten6566 
  Australia T Woodbridge3776    Australia T Woodbridge614
  United States A Agassi31   10 Brazil G Kuerten366 
10 Brazil G Kuerten66    10 Brazil G Kuerten12 
15 United Kingdom T Henman33    2 United States M Chang66 
  Ukraine A Medvedev66     Ukraine A Medvedev6177 
  Australia M Woodforde636    Australia M Woodforde4664 
Q France O Delaître260     Ukraine A Medvedev614
  France A Boetsch34    2 United States M Chang366 
  South Africa W Ferreira66     South Africa W Ferreira7712
  2 United States M Chang6466