A champion seed is indicated in bold text while text in italics indicates the round in which that seed was eliminated. All sixteen seeds received a bye into the second round.

  1. Pete Sampras (Third Round)
  2. Michael Chang (Second Round)
  3. Patrick Rafter (Semifinals)
  4. Goran Ivanišević (Second Round)
  5. Greg Rusedski (Second Round)
  6. Carlos Moyà (Second Round)
  7. Yevgeny Kafelnikov (Third Round)
  8. Sergi Bruguera (Second Round)
  1. Marcelo Ríos (Quarterfinals)
  2. Álex Corretja (Second Round)
  3. Gustavo Kuerten (Third Round)
  4. Thomas Muster (Second Round)
  5. Jonas Björkman (Semifinals)
  6. Félix Mantilla (Second Round)
  7. Petr Korda (Champion)
  8. Richard Krajicek (Final)




16 Richard Krajicek636
13 Jonas Björkman463
16 Richard Krajicek6624  
15 Petr Korda7866  
3 Patrick Rafter463 
15 Petr Korda677 

Top Half

Section 1

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundQuarterfinals
1 P Sampras66 
  A Portas11   M Gustafsson34 
  M Gustafsson66 1 P Sampras44 
  B Becker66 16 R Krajicek66 
  M-K Goellner24   B Becker6104 
16 R Krajicek7126 
16 R Krajicek67 
  M Larsson25 
10 Á Corretja265 
  T Woodbridge23   M Larsson677 
  M Larsson66   M Larsson67 
  F Santoro786   F Santoro35 
  M Philippoussis661   F Santoro7711 
8 S Bruguera569 

Section 2

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundQuarterfinals
4 G Ivanišević30r
WC T Haas564  T Henman62 
  T Henman736  T Henman263
Q S Schalken42 13 J Björkman636
  J Siemerink66   J Siemerink34 
13 J Björkman66 
13 J Björkman66 
WC N Kiefer42 
12 T Muster2772
  F Dewulf613Q P Haarhuis6636
Q P Haarhuis466Q P Haarhuis77635
WC N Kiefer636WC N Kiefer65777
  T Johansson361WC N Kiefer566
5 G Rusedski724

Bottom Half

Section 3

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundQuarterfinals
6 C Moyà362 
LL T Martin66 LL T Martin677 
  A Agassi44 LL T Martin66 
Q A O'Brien36311 G Kuerten34 
  H Arazi626  H Arazi3773
11 G Kuerten6616
LL T Martin6674
3 P Rafter4796
14 F Mantilla54 
Q D Prinosil566Q D Prinosil76 
  M Rosset742Q D Prinosil621
  A Berasategui14 3 P Rafter366
  T Enqvist66   T Enqvist   
3 P Rafterw/o  

Section 4

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundQuarterfinals
7 Y Kafelnikov626
Q P Cash20   A Medvedev064
  A Medvedev66 7 Y Kafelnikov663 
  M Woodforde64639 M Ríos786 
  K Kučera4677  K Kučera7944
9 M Ríos6766
9 M Ríos34 
15 P Korda66 
15 P Korda66 
  C Woodruff60   C Woodruff33 
  B Ulihrach31r15 P Korda6  
  C Pioline746  C Pioline3r 
Q J Tarango564  C Pioline716
2 M Chang564