1982 - A Love Marriage is an Indian low budget comedy film directed by Prashant Gore and produced by Shivkumar Sharma. The film yet to release.[2]


1982 - A Love Marriage is directed by Prashant Gore. It stars Amitkumar Sharma and Omna Harjani in the lead cast.[3] The film is picturized as 1980s film. First tailer was unveiled on 29 January. The film was first scheduled for release on 26 February 2016 but the release date was later pushed because of not getting enough screens for release. The producer Shivkumar Sharma said that they don't have enough budget to compete with the films like Aligarh and Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive which were released on 26 February 2016.[4] The film was unreleased under the label of Shuddh Paarivarik Chalchitra.[5][6]


  • Amitkumar Sharma
  • Omna Harjani
  • Rita Agarwal
  • Aloksen Gupta
  • Indira Mansukhani
  • Sahil Patel
  • Nirmal Sehrawat

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