Úrsula is a fictional character in the TV series Skimo. She is a protagonist in the show, and is portrayed by actress Tatiana Martinez.


Úrsula is the rebellious and intelligent friend of Fito and Tavo, who doesn't care what anyone thinks of her. She is very handy, fixing almost any gadget. Normally, she is seen reading or listening to her iPod. She is cool and very resourceful, thinking logically in most situations. She always wants Fito and Tavo to use their brains to solve their problems.

Ursula's manner of dresses is what some would call "rebel" or "punk". She partly dyed her hair pinkish red after the first season.

Relations with other characters


Úrsula at first, only liked Tavo as a friend, although he was in love with her since season 1. When Ursula kissed Tavo (to give him disgust), he starts to feel something for her, and a few episodes later he imagines kissing her. At the end of the first season Tavo tells Ursula that he wants to be her boyfriend, but she rejects this. In the second season, Ursula continues to spend time with him. In the third season, Ursula becomes jealous of Tavo's "girlfriend" since she fell in love with him. At the end of season 3, when it was assumed that a piano fell on Tavo's head, she told him she loved him. In the fourth season Ursula and Tavo decided to forget the hospital thing and keep everything personal, but Cris suspects that somethings going on between Tavo and Ursula and swears that she will find out.

In the last episode of the show, Ursula leaves high school and accepts Tavo's proposal to have a romantic relationship.


Ursula and Fito were never on good terms; they always insulted each other, such as Fito calling Ursula a witch, but in spite of that Ursula falls in love with him since he kissed her to see how Tavo would react. At the end of the second season Ursula tells Fito about her feelings towards him, but he does not understand and Tavo had to move to Aguascalientes. Ursula's feelings for Fito disappeared early in the third season, when they went to look for Tavo in Aguascalientes.

Nora and Nori

Ursula is totally different from the twins, which explains why they never took well with her. Ursula would bang the twins' heads together whenever they annoyed her. In the end, the twins continue to follow their dream of being famous actresses. Ursula decides to study medicine, which demonstrates how the twins and Ursula have different personalities.